Calvary Baptist Church

About us

You won’t be a stranger long at Calvary Baptist Church


    What we believe

        A constant at Calvary Baptist for more than five decades has been the vitality   of the congregation, people who believe in the Bible, who love each other, and who want to help others grow.

         Many in today’s society don’t know what they believe yet, and Calvary Baptist concentrates on helping people grow in their beliefs and in the Bible.









For more than half a century, Calvary Baptist Church has been at its original Bryan location on Cavitt Street not far off Texas Avenue. From its beginnings in an Army barracks, Calvary has been steady in its leadership with only six pastors in more than sixty years.

Renovations in 1953, 1965, and 1995 have kept the physical building up to date. Calvary always has been a caring church, one whose congregation has a feel for each member.


Where we are going

Calvary Baptist has an open door for those looking for a church.

The members of the congregation believe they are on a journey together,

bound by a belief in the Bible and open to growth and outreach.

Sunday School classes for all groups are held each Sunday, along with the

morning worship service. The Wednesday evening program includes activities for all age groups.

Calvary also offers small groups for fellowship and Bible study, a children’s ministry, youth group, a coffeehouse ministry, and other programs always in the works.